Milling schedule announced for Trenton streets

MoDOT Road Work

Trenton Street Supervisor Martin Schieb has announced the schedule for milling work, to be done by a contractor on various streets. Vehicles should be removed from those streets by 7 AM on the days of the work.  

Plans call for either milling an entire section of street, or spot milling that section.  Work scheduled on Monday, April 25th includes East 7th Street between Main and Monroe, Monroe Street between 7th and 8th Streets, Chestnut between 11th and 12th Streets, West 10th Street between Cedar and Tindall Avenue, and Crowder Road between Lowen and Merrill Streets.

Milling work planned for Tuesday, April 26th includes Main Street between 9th and 10th, Tinsman Avenue between 10th and Mable, and East 10th Court between Custer Street and Tinsman Avenue.

Milling work scheduled on Wednesday, April 27th includes Oklahoma Avenue between 17th and 28th Streets, East 17th Street between Lincoln Street and Oklahoma Avenue, and Park Lane between Eastview Drive and St. Joseph Street.

Those schedules are weather permitting.


It is possible that the contractor could advance “ahead of schedule” and work on streets up to one day earlier than planned.  Notes will be placed at residences along the various streets announcing the work schedule.  Once streets are milled, or spot milled, the Trenton Street Department will asphalt the sections where the milling work was done.  The asphalt work is planned about one week after the milling.  The asphalting will begin on Monday, May 2nd.

Seven or the eleven streets scheduled to receive work will have both spot milling and asphalting.  The other four streets will be milled and asphalted along with the entire section of the streets.  Work on the entire sections is planned on East 7th Street between Main and Monroe, Main between 9th and 10th, Tinsman Avenue between 10th and Mable Streets, and Oklahoma Avenue between 17th and 28th Streets.

Question can be directed to the Trenton Street Department.