Milan Rural Fire Department executes water rescue on flooded highway

Water Rescue

The Milan Rural Fire Department reports the rescue of an Iowa couple from a flooded highway and rising water in rural Sullivan County.

Rural Fire Chief Rick Gardner reports the couple is safe after being rescued when their mini-van stalled in high water on Route E due to a flooding creek. Gardner reports the emergency call came in at 1:40 Sunday morning.

A special rescue vehicle was used to help the two people to safety. Gardner said the four-wheel drive vehicle features a high clearance and was able to travel Route E to the scene. It’s a vehicle that was provided to Milan Rural Fire Department by the Missouri Department of Conservation.

Once rescued, Gardner said the Milan Ministerial Alliance made arrangements for the Iowa couple to stay overnight. Their car remained at the scene where the water eventually rose up to the windows. The male and female occupants had a cell phone service and were able to call for help.

Assistance was provided by the Medicine Creek Fire District and the Sullivan County Ambulance Service.