Mid-States Services to have crews in Trenton installing fiber optic cable

Fiber Optic Internet Access

Mid-States Services of Trenton is bringing fiber optic internet inside the Trenton city limits.

Informational Technology Specialist Terry White said boring crews have been installing conduit in the ground to house the fiber in the lake area and aerial crews would be brought in after Independence Day to string fiber and attach it to the existing utility structures for electricity that Trenton Municipal Utilities has in town.

White explained everything east of Oklahoma Avenue is Section 1, the middle of town is Section 2, and then going west are Section 3, 4, and 5. Crews will work to install the fiber in Section 1 and 2 first as the other sections are still in the design phase. No “go live” date for the fiber optic internet has been set yet.

Universal Communications have been hired to do the work on the fiber optics in town and the vehicles will have Universal stickers as well as contractor stickers mentioning Mid-States Services. Anyone with questions or concerns about the contractors should call 660-210-0052.

Mid-States Office Manager Sarah Allen said there are benefits to having fiber optic internet service. She thinks residents will be happy with the speeds to be offered and the ability to stream movies, videos, and gaming. Trenton residents and businesses who east of the railroad tracks interested in fiber optic internet sign up for it this month.

The store has a special pricing promotion where residents and businesses who completed a pre-sign up before July 31st will have their $150 installation fee waived. Pre-sign up can be completed at mid (dash) states (dot) net, by calling the store at 660-359-2045, or in person at the store on Oklahoma Avenue in Trenton.

There are multiple packages available with service at different speeds. Residential rates are $49.95 for 50 megabits per second, $59.95 for 100, and $79.95 for 250 MPS. Business rates are $69.95 for 50 megabits per second, $89.95 for 100, and $129.95 for 250.

Mid-States also offers voice over internet protocol. VOIP is in simple terms voice traveling over the internet instead of copper lines. There are different rates for business and residential customers. White said prices start at $39.95 for business and $29.95 for residential for unlimited local and long-distance calling. The price depends on how many lines are needed.

Mid-States can provide quotes, and customers can use their existing phone number.

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