Michael Ormsby wins $2,000 at Trenton’s golf ball drop event

The top cash prize for the annual golf ball drop was won by Michael Ormsby.  He won $2,000 donated by Barnes-Baker Motors.  The second place prize of $500 was won by Terry Walker.  That money was donated by Riverside Country Cub and the Trenton Chamber of Commerce.

Thirty-six golfers participated in the first-ever Par 3 tournament on Saturday, held in conjunction with the Third Annual golf ball drop.  The overall winner over the nine holes was Dave Jennings, with a score of 25.  Cliff Roeder was second with a 26.  Individual hole prize winners were Derek Miller, Seth Davis, Dave Jennings, Justin Moore, John Kennebeck, and Zane Robinson.

Hole sponsors were : Sydenstrickers, Hy-Vee, Joe Slonecker, Preferred Popcorn, O’Malley’s Beer, Trenton Coke, Trenton Magic Wash, TNT Shell Station, and Trenton Sonic.

Riverside Country Club recognized Corie Cutsinger for bringing his bucket truck, going up in the bucket, and dropping all the golf balls for the ball drop.  Riverside grounds keeper Derek Thorne cut a special hole on the 2 tee box for the Ball Drop, turning the course into a Par 3.