Meeting held to discuss efforts to revive the arts in Grundy County

Arts or paintbrushes with paint for artists

A meeting was held at the Ketcham Community Center Monday night to discuss efforts to revive the arts in Grundy County.

Phil Schlarb led the discussion and reviewed steps to complete for an official arts organization to be formed. The discussion focused on establishing by-laws for the organization and determining a name, which will allow the group to incorporate and become a not-for-profit organization.

Schlarb was able to obtain the by-laws from the Grundy County Friends of the Arts, and they will be used as a guide for the new organization. Committees were formed to begin the process of formalizing the group. Jim Norris, Trisha Sharp, Doctor Tristan Londre, and Katie Kinney make up the committee to develop a new set of by-laws.

Dan Maxey, Terry Toms, Tricia Key, and Kim Cleeton will work to develop the group’s name. Diane Lowrey was appointed to serve as publicity chairperson. Katie Kinney is to work with the Secretary of State’s Office to begin the incorporation process, which can be done online.

A conflict of interest policy will need to be created, and a board of directors will need to be established. The committees will provide information to the group and take suggestions at a meeting on the night of May 30th at 7 o’clock.

A meeting place will be announced once a site is secured and those interested are encouraged to attend.