Maysville girl injured in Friday night crash when car slows for animal in roadway

Accident-Crash graphic

A Maysville girl was hurt Friday night just south of Maysville when a car slowed for an animal on the road and was hit from behind by another car.

The 11-year old girl was taken to Cameron Regional Medical Center with minor injuries. She was a passenger in a vehicle driven by 32-year old Cherston Rounds of Maysville. The other driver was 18-year old Shelby Gibson of Maysville. Neither driver was hurt.

The accident happened just south of Maysville on Highway 33 as both cars were northbound when Ms. Rounds slowed for an animal on the road, and the vehicle she was driving was hit in the rear.

Damage was listed as extensive to the car Rounds was driving and moderate to the vehicle operated by Gibson.

Gibson was not using a seat belt; however, the other two occupants were wearing seat belts.