Mayor Linda Crooks issues Executive Order for Trenton residents to “Stay-at-Home”

Coronavisus Executive Order (COVID-19)

The Mayor of Trenton, Linda Crooks, says she supports the new Stay-at-Home order issued by Governor Mike Parson and Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services director Randall Williams.

The Mayor today issued her executive order for Trenton city officials in support of the statewide order aimed at taking action to reduce the possible exposure and reduce the spread of the Coronavirus.

In part, it requests residents of Trenton shall avoid leaving their homes unless it’s for purposes like work, to get food and/or prescriptions, seek health care and other necessities or to engage in outdoor activities like using the city walking trail. But all times, she said persons should practice social distancing. The mayor also noted individuals may go to and from a place of worship provided that limitations on social gatherings and social distancing are met.

For the offices and workplaces that remain open, individuals shall practice good hygiene and where feasible, work from home, in order to achieve maximum isolation from COVID-19. A business that engages in retail sales to the public shall limit the number of individuals in any particular location as described in the Missouri Stay at Home order.

All Trenton office buildings have closed to the public. However, essential city functions are continuing. Mayor Crooks reported on her Facebook page that City Administrator Ron Urton, as chief personnel officer under authority extended by the city council, has made some change of operations and added shifts for our city departments.

You may read the text of the Executive Order below.


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