MAP testing reviewed by Trenton R-9 Board of Education

The Trenton R-9 Board of Education reviewed annual performance report data as a result of MAP testing and end, of course, exams during the 2015-16 school year.

The Trenton school district earned 136 and a half points out of a possible 140. That’s 97.5 percent. The figure is a little less than the 2015 rate but higher than 2014.

The information for all school districts became available to the public on Monday when it was released by the Missouri department of elementary and secondary education

The rating incorporates five standards: an academic achievement which includes testing; achievement scores for various subgroups; college and career readiness; attendance; and the graduation rate.

Trenton officials last evening recognized Rissler elementary school for earning 100 percent of its points for the second year in a row. Trenton middle school earned over 90 percent in points for the third straight year. Trenton high school earned over 95 percent for the second year. The statewide average was 90 percent for all districts.

Testing during the last school year involved students in third grade through high school. Academic subjects in third through eighth grade included English language arts; math; and science. The high school subjects tests were English, algebra, biology, and government.

Trenton is now a member of the Grand River Conference. Trenton’s score of 97.5 ranks second. That takes into account annual performance report data from all three attendance buildings. Braymer scored 99.6 to lead the conference.

After Braymer and Trenton, other conference schools scoring above the state average of 90 for the annual percentage rate (in order) were Maysville, Stanberry, King City, Polo, Gallatin, Pattonsburg, and North Andrew. Conference schools scoring below the state average were South Harrison of Bethany, Milan, Princeton, Albany, Worth County, and Putnam County at Unionville.

Following an executive session for personnel, the Trenton R-9 school district office had three announcements this morning.

Board members approved an “extension of leave” for pre-school instructor Tara Hoffman until January 4 when the next semester starts. The board approved what the district office describes as a “resignation and separation agreement” for

Megan Daniels as an elementary grade teacher. (3rd grade per website faculty)

Substitutes approved by the school board last night included Emily Milazzo, Lea Ann Boyle, Greg Coon, Bev Speck, and Kay Moore.