Main Street Chillicothe adds new trees to downtown area

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Main Street Chillicothe recently planted three new Armstrong Gold Maple trees. These trees were strategically placed at 722 Washington Street, 710 Washington Street, and 611 Locust Street, enhancing the area’s visual appeal. The trees, sourced from Rosemary Hill in Trenton, were expertly installed by Aaron’s Lawn Care & Landscaping.

Locals and visitors in Chillicothe appreciate the presence of these trees, which offer shade during sunny days and help mitigate noise from the bustling Highway 65. The benefits of urban trees extend beyond aesthetics; they increase property values and attract businesses and shoppers, contributing to the economic vibrancy of commercial districts. Trees enhance the desirability of neighborhoods as places to live and work.

Access to green spaces like these is linked to numerous health benefits. It lowers stress levels, encourages physical activity, and boosts mood, and overall well-being. However, urban trees face unique challenges. They often struggle with limited root space due to sidewalks and suffer from insufficient natural water and increased pollution levels near streets.

Main Street Chillicothe is dedicated to preserving the beauty and vitality of our downtown district. We are committed to regular maintenance, monitoring, and, when necessary, replacing our trees. We invite everyone to visit and appreciate these new additions to our community.

For more information about Main Street Chillicothe or to volunteer, email us at [email protected] or call us at 660-646-4071.


Maple Trees added to downtown Chillicothe

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