Local Trenton authors publish children’s book

Barry and Peggy Boulware Book

Barry and Peggy Boulware of Trenton have published two children’s books.

“The Scariest Camping Trip Ever with Webster, Molly, and Hazel” was published this year, and “The Big Adventure of Webster and Molly” was published last year. The books are written about the couple’s two dogs, and “The Scariest Trip Ever” also involves the dog of the couple’s niece. The stories are based on places the Boulwares have been and real-life experiences.

Barry Boulware says the couple has spoken about its stories at school assemblies, mainly in the elementary grades. The presentation answers questions about how to become an author, what students should do in school to be able to write a book, how to write a book, and how to get work published. Students who are interested in becoming authors have an opportunity to talk to him following the programs.

The Boulwares have written and illustrated eight other children’s books and plan to publish those books every three months. Peggy Boulware says the next one, “Webster and Molly Take Care of the Farm”, could be released as early as June. That story is about a husband and wife who ask the dogs to watch their farm while they go on a trip to Yellowstone.

The books can be bought at Lucky Dog Embroidery of Trenton and on Amazon.