Local organization could see benefits from U.S. spending bill

Foster Adopt Connect

The Adoption and Legal Incentive Payments Program received $75,000,000 in funding from the United States Spending Bill President Donald Trump signed Friday.

The U. S. Senate also increased the program’s proposed funding by about $37,000,000, which nearly doubled the funding that is a piece of the federal government’s effort to encourage and support states in finding permanent homes for children and teens in foster care. The new funding will cover a shortfall of $50,000,000 that is still owed to the states for fiscal years 2016 and 2017 and cover part of the current year costs.

FosterAdopt Connect is a local, comprehensive support and advocacy center for abused and neglected children and families caring for them.  The advocacy center advocated for the approval of the Adoption Incentive funding, and FosterAdopt Connect President and Chief Executive Officer Lori Ross says she is thrilled that Congress and the President approved the funding at a significant level.

Senator Roy Blunt is co-chair of the Congressional Coalition on Adoption and says that he is an adoptive parent himself, and making sure resources are in place to help children find permanent, loving homes they deserve is a priority.

Blunt adds that he will continue to work to ensure the program remains available for families that open their homes to children who need them.