Local Election Results: Republicans vote Trump, Democrats split

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Grundy Countians favored Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump in the Democratic and Republican Presidential Primaries Tuesday.

The nearly 39 percent voter turnout was far greater than previous presidential primaries for Grundy County in 2012 and 2008.

Among 491 Democrat votes, Bernie Sanders received 262 and Hillary Clinton had 219. (Sanders was favored 53.4% to Mrs. Clinton 44.6%) Among 19 hundred 52 Republican votes, Donald Trump had exactly half at 978. Ted Cruz received 673. John Kasich had 163. Marco Rubio 79. (Trump 50%, Cruz 34.4%, Kasich 8.33%, Rubio 4%)

In looking at polling location votes, Republican Donald Trump won all nine plus absentees in Grundy County. Among Democrats, Sanders won five rural precincts, voting done at the college, plus absentees. Mrs. Clinton had the most votes in three locations—all in Trenton: at the courthouse, First Baptist and First Christian Churches.

Mercer Countys’ voter turnout topped 36 percent with 892 ballots cast. Democrats favored Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders 69 to 63. Republicans went with Donald Trump 455, Ted Cruz 208, John Kasich 48, and Marco Rubio 22.

Daviess countys’ voter turnout topped 33 percent with 17 hundred 31 ballots.

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Democrat Hillary Clinton defeated Bernie Sanders 239 to 221. Republican results include Donald Trump 634, Ted Cruz 410, John Kasich 105, and Marco Rubio 74.

13-hundred ballots were counted in Sullivan County. Democrat Hillary Clinton had 177 and Bernie Sanders 112. Republican results include Donald Trump 510, Ted Cruz 331John Kasich 82, and Marco Rubio 44.

Among other area counties where the Democratic Primary contest was the closest race:

Livingston county has Sanders at 398 and Clinton 397. Clinton won Linn county 436 to 409 over Sanders. It was Sanders taking Harrison county 163 to Clinton with 150.

Sanders won in Caldwell county with 314 votes to Clinton with 244. Sanders wins in Putnam county, 108 to 102 for Clinton.

When tabulating just the Green Hills county results, it’s very close with Sanders having 2,050 votes to Clinton 2,041. That’s 50.1% for Sanders and 49.9% for Clinton.

To summarize the Green Hills counties, Sanders wins in five: Grundy, Livingston, Harrison, Caldwell, and Putnam counties. Hillary Clinton wins in four others: Mercer, Sullivan, Linn, and Daviess counties.

Republican Donald Trump won all nine Green Hills counties with Ted Cruz second.

KTTN looked up our presidential preference primary stories from four and eight yearsago. To showcase the much larger turnout yesterday at 24-hundred 48 ballots cast, the Presidential Primary in early February of 2012 drew only 644 votes – just ten percent then.

In that election, Grundy county favor Republican Rick Santorum and Democrat Barack Obama

Both of whom went on to win Missouri that year. Santorum was on the ballot yesterday but has

withdrawn nationally; he got only two votes. EIGHT years ago, the presidential preference

primary also was held in early February. Grundy County noted a 28 percent voter turnout then

with 19 hundred 40 ballots. There was no incumbent running for president.

In that 2008 election, Grundy County Democrats favored Hillary Clinton over Barack Obama 58 to 39 percent. Republicans favored John McCain over Mike Huckabee 34 to 33 percent back then.

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