Livingston County Sheriff Steve Cox provides updates on investigations, arrests and incidents

Livingston County Sheriff Car

The Livingston County Sheriff and deputies have been busy with a multitude of investigations and have provided us with updates on arrests as well.

The LCSO began an investigation in Chula regarding a report that a large prescription of pain pills were stolen from a residence. Investigation continues.

The department investigated a reported domestic disturbance in Utica and found the incident to be verbal and no criminal violation.

The Deputy Sheriff/School Resource Officer Mike Lewis filed a report with this office of an assault by a student to a teacher. The student was reportedly out of control, repeatedly hitting and kicking, and attempting to bite the school official. Deputy Lewis took control of the situation and the parent was summoned to the school. Information is being submitted to the juvenile office while administrative action is being handled by the school.

The department completed a very lengthy investigation on possible Financial Exploitation of the Elderly, Fraud, or Stealing. A suspect has been identified and it is alleged that person wrongfully appropriated $115,000. Report being submitted to the prosecuting attorney for consideration of charge(s).

The Sheriff’s office completed 3 reports this week on people who failed to appear in Court. Those individuals face the potential additional charge for not appearing before the Judge when required.

The department recently dealt with a disgruntled person complaining over some beer cans which had previously been dumped along the roadside. It was undetermined how long the cans had been in the ditch. Investigation continues.

Officers began an investigation of alleged burglary and stealing from a home in Utica. The victim reported a locked safe was entered (undamaged) and some jewelry was stolen, a DVD player was missing, and insulation in the attic was reportedly pulled up and removed from the home. Investigation continues.

The department assisted the Missouri State Highway Patrol in a one-vehicle accident. The driver had left the scene with possible injury and has since been identified. The Patrol is handling the remainder of the investigation.

The Sheriff’s department and Children’s Division investigated a potential child abuse case. Children’s Division is working with the family and no criminal violation was found.

The department began an investigation of possible illegally sales of property with a lienholder.


On November 15, an officer issued a Browning driver 2 citations for excessive speed 40 in a 25 and Driving While Suspended/Revoked. The stop was on Mansur Street in Chula.

On November 16, an officer issued a Hale driver a citation for Failing to Register a Motor Vehicle Annually (expired 6 months or more).

MOST WANTED Fugitives Added or Arrested


Kimberly Nichole Crawford, 27, arrested November 15 in Jackson County, MO. Ms. Crawford was wanted on a Livingston County arrest warrant for alleged class E felony Violation of an Order of Protection-Adult. Ms. Crawford posted $2,000 bond and was released with a Court date.

Michael Narvell Session, 32, KCMO was arrested in Jackson County, MO on a Livingston County arrest warrant for alleged Probation Violation on original class C felony conviction for Distribution/Delivery Controlled Substance. Mr. Session has been wanted in Livingston County since October 2016. Mr. Session is being detained for another agency before returning to Livingston County Court.

Added to the “Most Wanted” list:

Marlon Brandon Gilbert, 26, alleged class A felony Distribution of a Controlled Substance (Methamphetamine) and class E felony Delivery of 35 grams or less of Marijuana. Bond set at $25,000 on case #17LV-CR00461 with warrant dated November 15, 2017.

Cody Ray Hostetter, 20, Marshall, alleged class C felony Receiving Stolen Property (firearm). Bond set at $7,500 on case #17LV-CR00448 with warrant dated November 06, 2017.

Christian James Elliott, 22, Grandview, alleged class D felony Tampering with Motor Vehicle in 1st Degree. Bond set at $10,000 on case #17LV-CR00449 with warrant dated November 06, 2017.

Traci Noelle Yates, 43, unknown location, alleged class D felony of Forgery. Bond set at $10,000 on case #17LV-CR00455 with warrant dated November 08, 2017.

Jacob Paul Dudley, 18, Polo, alleged class D felony Assault in the 2nd degree. Bond set at $5,000 cash on case #17LV-CR00457 with warrant dated November 09, 2017.