Livingston County Sheriff reports “significant change” in traffic stops and citations

Livingston County Sheriff Website

Livingston County Sheriff Steve Cox has released an End of Year Report for 2018 showing the office had what he called a “significant change” in the number of traffic stops and citations.

There were 1,427 traffic stops in 2018 compared to 967 in 2017, which was an increase of 460. There were also 521 citations last year, which was more than double the 233 in 2017.

Cox attributes the increases to the sheriff’s office “frequently” receiving calls about aggressive, careless, or intoxicated drivers and additional enforcement efforts during coordinated grant-funded traffic safety overtime and response when on patrol. He says he and deputies have noted the number of “serious” traffic violations seems to have increased as well as the volume of traffic on the highways in Livingston County.

The fine money the courts collect for moving violations issued by the sheriff’s office is distributed to the public schools in Livingston County.

The End of Year Report also shows increases in the number of arrest reports and civil process servings. There were 202 arrest reports last year compared to 179 in 2017 and 1,551 civil process servings compared to 1,512 in 2017. The report notes a decrease in the number of incident reports with 629 in 2017 and 613 in 2018.

The average daily population for detention was 38.91 in 2018, which was up from 2017’s average of 28.6.  Prisoner medical care costs and board were also up last year. Medical care cost came in at $15,454 in 2018 and $13,398 in 2017. Jail board cost totaled $444,803 last year. Cox notes the board total does not include the November 2018 bill because it was not received and submitted in time to show on the budget. In 2017, the board costs of $294,725.

Cox reports the sheriff’s office was authorized a maximum strength of eight full-time road deputies and sheriff last year. The department was authorized to hire a full-time courthouse security officer in November, who is a sworn deputy sheriff. The office had two vacant positions for much of 2018 and had difficulty attracting and retaining sworn staff. The office is still seeking to fill one part-time road patrol deputy position.

The Livingston County Sheriff’s Office covers about 539 square miles, is required to have “an adequate number” of bailiffs in the Associate and Circuit Court, and is required to notify prospective jurors of service and trials.