Livingston County sheriff reports on transports to DOC

Livingston County Sheriff

The Livingston County Sheriff’s Office is reporting that it has received orders from the Circuit Court to transport the following individuals to the Missouri Department of Corrections.


  •  Jodi McKeever, 42, Kirksville            Possession of Controlled Substance, Institutional Post Conviction Drug Program


  • Rebecca Kirkpatrick, 55, Chillicothe    Possession Controlled Substance, 3 years consecutive


  • Lesley Copelin, 31, Lincoln                Probation Violation – Possession of Controlled Substance, 5 years


  • Monica Fainter, 40, Centralia            Probation Violation – Distribution Controlled Substance, 8 years consecutive


  • Shandon Gann, 18, Chillicothe          Probation Violation – Receiving Stolen Property, 5 years consecutive


  • Larry White, 35, Blue Springs          DWR, 2 years consecutive


  • Daniel Fry, 34, Kirksville                Possession Controlled Substance, 7 years consecutive