Livingston County Sheriff reports on those being transferred to Missouri Department of Corrections

Livingston County Sheriff
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The Livingston County Sheriff’s Office recently received orders from Circuit Court to transfer the following detainees to the Missouri Department of Corrections to serve a sentence or attend a treatment program.



Jamie Damewood, 33, Milan           Possession Controlled Substance, 5 years consecutive with all other charges. 


Billy R. Jenkins, 26, Chula              Distribution Controlled Substance, 15 years consecutive with all other charges – Institutional Treatment Program. 


Casey Ousley, 30, Rolla,                Possession Controlled Substance, CODS 120 day program.


Jacob M. Powell, 25, Chillicothe,  Distribution Controlled Substance Near School, 12 years consecutive with all other charges, Institutional Treatment Program. 


Rachel J. Shermuly, 41, Marceline   Possession Controlled Substance, 7 years consecutive with all other charges.


Brandy Purscell (Will be transported to DOC after a Grundy County Court appearance) , 25, Chillicothe, Distribution Controlled Substance Near Schools, 7 years consecutive with all other charges 120 day program.

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