Livingston County Sheriff reports on recent incidents and investigations

Livingston County Sheriff

Livingston County Sheriff Steve Cox has released information about incidents his office worked on recently.

One of those incidents involved a deputy making a vehicle stop in Chillicothe on July 26 for an alleged traffic violation. Cox reports the deputy found the juvenile driver did not have a valid license. He says the passenger in the car was also a juvenile, and there was an odor of a drug or drugs.  A probable cause search of the vehicle resulted in the seizure of alleged drug distribution equipment, marijuana, and THC wax containers.  The driver was cited with no valid driver’s license. Reports are being submitted to the juvenile office for consideration.

Cox reports the sheriff’s office also made several attempts this week to serve an adult female an eviction notice in the rural Wheeling area. He explains the female refused to answer the door as she knew she was going to be served the eviction notice.

A deputy saw the person driving July 28 and noted the vehicle sped up and parked at the home. The woman reportedly fled before the deputy could contact her, and a male homeowner said the woman had not come into the home.  The woman was found hiding in tall grass, but Cox says she fled again before the deputy could get to that location. The woman ended up in the home, and the homeowner, who is also a resident, allowed the deputy inside, where the woman was said to have attempted to hide from the officer. She was ultimately served in the process.

The woman may have misused 911 in calling later to complain about the paper service. Deputies returned to the home a while later, as the woman was allegedly causing a disturbance there. Cox reports the woman came to the Livingston County Sheriff’s Office on July 29 to complain about the situation, but she left when she was asked for a statement.  The woman claimed she cannot be evicted because she used to be romantically involved with the male homeowner.

The incident is being reviewed, and a referral will be made for certain services.