Livingston County Sheriff reports on inmates transferred to the DOC

Livingston County sheriff

Recently the Livingston County Sheriff’s Office received orders from the Circuit Court to transport the following detainees to  the Missouri Department of Corrections for either a sentence or attend a program. 


Jason Gerdsen, 36, Chillicothe                    Possession Controlled Substance – Institutional Post Conviction Drug Treatment Program


Ronald Greener III, 25, Chillicothe              Interfering with arrest – 4 years consecutive with 120 program


Brandon Stretch, 21, Chillicothe                  Possession Controlled Substance – 5 years consecutive


Kevin Vaughn, 46, Chula                             Stealing by Deceit – 7 years consecutive


Shari Wells, 54, Gallatin                              Possession Controlled Substance – 7 years consecutive


Nicole Reno, 35, St. Joseph                         Possession Controlled Substance – 2 years consecutive