Livingston County Sheriff reports on arrests, investigations and transports to the DOC

Livingston County sheriff
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The sheriff’s department began an investigation of hit and run accident and property damage. An unknown person drove into and damaged a barb wire fence in the 14000 block of Liv 230 and left the scene. The investigation is continuing.

The department began working an investigation in Wheeling where a spare tire was stolen. Since then at least 2 additional tires and wheels have been stolen in Wheeling. Investigation continues.

The sheriff’s department responded to an alarm at an area school. The alarm system was being worked on and there was no problem. 


Christina Marie Sloan, 30, Springfield, was arrested on a Boone County, Arkansas arrest warrant for alleged Methamphetamine violation. Ms. Sloan was transferred to DDCRJ pending extradition from an Arkansas Sheriff.

A Linn County arrest warrant was executed on Sarah Rayne Keith, 21, Chillicothe for the alleged non-moving traffic violation. Ms. Keith posted the $97 dollar bond and was released with a court date.

A deputy stopped a vehicle on 65 at Liv 222 for speeding 77 mph in a 60 mph zone. The driver, William, Gene Sykes, 27, Springfield was arrested for the alleged speed, driving while revoked/suspended, and failing to register a motor vehicle. Mr. Sykes posted bond and was released on a summons.

The department served a State of Arkansas arrest warrant on Kayla D. Jaggers, 52, Jonesboro, Arkansas for alleged felony failing to appear in court. Ms. Jaggers was transferred to the Daviess Dekalb County Regional Jail pending extradition by an Arkansas Sheriff. 

Additional Information:

The staff remains busy working on past and current criminal investigations, court bailiff and security duties, administrative issues, assisting other agencies, and other statutory requirements.

Sheriff Steve Cox attended a meeting with the Missouri Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST Commission) in Jefferson City. Sheriff Cox was appointed by Governor Jay Nixon and continues to serve on the POST Commission since March 2011.

 Sheriff Steve Cox attended the town meeting in Ludlow. Area information was shared with those in attendance.

The sheriff’s department received orders from Livingston County Circuit Court to transfer the following to the Missouri Department of Corrections to serve a sentence or attend a treatment program:

Kevin Zorn, 39, Chillicothe                     Probation Violation – Possession Controlled Substance – CODS – 120 Program


Peggy Zorn, 37, Chillicothe                    Probation Violation – Possession Controlled Substance – CODS – 120 Program


Waverly Perkinson, 31, St. Louis            Probation Violation – Possession Controlled Substance – 7 years


A recent poll question on the Livingston County sheriff’s website asked for an opinion on professional athletes in the NFL refusing to stand for the National Anthem. Of those who participated 2% indicated they had not heard about this, 3.9% said they have no opinion, 5.9% support the action, 19.6% believe it is the players right to express their opinion, 21.6% would boycott the game, while 47.1% said the NFL or team should discipline the player.

You can take the next poll question about Halloween which is on the department website


Several speeding citations have been issued by department staff, some based on citizen complaints of driving. Speeds were 90 in a 65, 88 in a 65, and 77 in a 60, 78 in 65, 85 in 65, 84 in a 60,

Additional citations were issued to a Breckenridge driver for failing to proceed with caution when approaching a stationary emergency vehicle. A Browning driver received a citation for failure to yield to an emergency vehicle displaying emergency lights and siren.

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