Livingston County Sheriff reports 7 transported to Missouri Department of Corrections

Livingston County Sheriff

Livingston County Sheriff Steve Cox has recently received court orders to cause the following people to be transported to the Missouri Department of Corrections to serve a sentence or attend a treatment program:

William Jennings Ross, 37, Chillicothe     Possession Controlled Substance with Intent to Distribute – 15 years 

William Grimes, 26, Trenton                   Stealing – 5 years 

Michael Holtzclaw, 31, Chillicothe            Probation Violation – Possession Controlled Substance – 5 years 

Billy Ray Williams, 34, Brookfield            Probation Violation – Stealing – 5 years 

Cody McClintick, 23, Brookfield               Probation Violation – Conspiracy/Possession Controlled Substance with Intent to Distribute – 7 years 

Brenda Parkhurst, 51, Brunswick            Tampering 1st – 7 years court ordered Long Term Substance Abuse Program 

Tia Vaughn Pittman, 43, Chillicothe         Possession Controlled Substance – 3 years