Livingston County Sheriff releases list of detainees transferred to Missouri Department of Corrections

Livingston County sheriff

The Livingston County Sheriff’s Office recently received court orders to transport the following persons to the Missouri Department of Corrections to attend a program or serve their sentence. 

Heidi Thorne, 32, Trenton             Stealing – 3 years with 120 day program 

Kyley Dixon, 25, Chillicothe           Possession Controlled Substance – 3 years 

Michaela Mathews, 25, Chillicothe  Distribution Controlled Substance – 10 years with ITP program 

Amy Nieman, 44, Chillicothe          Possession Controlled Substance – 3 years 

Kyle Watkins, 30, Independence    Tampering – 3 years 

Jason Scarbrough, 42, Chillicothe   Possession Controlled Substance – 3 years 

Preston Rice, 32, Cameron             Stealing – 5 years 

Paul Harvey, Jr., 27, Kansas City    Tampering with physical evidence – 3 years