Livingston County mask mandate and fines not enforceable until adopted by Chillicothe City Council at next meeting

Mask Mandate News Graphic

Livingston County Health Center Administrator Sherry Weldon has provided more information about the mask mandate going into effect on November 20th to slow the spread of COVID-19.

The executive order from the health center, Chillicothe Mayor Theresa Kelly, and Presiding Commissioner Ed Douglas requires persons at least seven years old to wear face masks or coverings in Livingston County any time they are or will be in contact with others who are not household members.

Weldon says the mandate will not be able to be enforced, and fines cannot be levied until the city council adopts the executive order at its next meeting. She hopes individuals understand the importance of wearing masks to keep from going into a mandated lockdown and closing schools.

Weldon explains the Saint Luke’s Health System asked officials to consider a mask mandate due to the local hospital running at or near capacity. She notes the health system is now limiting transfers to Kansas City hospitals, and more than 25% of COVID-19 patients at Kansas City hospitals are from rural areas. The health center met with the Livingston County Commission and Chillicothe administration and decided to issue a mandate.

A recent study of masks by St. Louis University does show that masks are effective when worn properly.

Photo by Gayatri Malhotra on Unsplash