Livingston County Library to celebrate “Share Your History”

Livingston County Library

The Livingston County Library and the Grand River Museum of Chillicothe will observe Preservation Month by providing two opportunities for individuals to share Livingston County history.

Anyone can bring pictures or family heirlooms pertaining to the county’s history to “Share Your History” at the library in Chillicothe May 12th from 10 o’clock to noon and the evening of May 24th from 5 to 7 o’clock. The library will photograph or scan items brought in during those times.

Anyone with multiple items may be asked to leave the items at the library for a brief time, so they can be recorded. If someone brings a thumb drive, the library will give that person a copy of the digital records it makes of the items.

Contact Kirsten at the Livingston County Library at 660-646-0547 for more information.