Livingston County Library, and partners, create online encyclopedia for local history

Livingston County Library

The Livingston County Library, along with community partners, has created an online encyclopedia for local history with a new website.

This serves as a resource for the public as well as our schools. Topics currently covered on the website include people, events, and innovatia. Want to read about the failed bank robbery attempt of 1872 or the big fire of 1905? Have you heard of Snare’s Relief ointment? Want to know about the Platter brothers who controlled the prices of horses in St. Louis for a time? Look no further.

Similar to the Downtown Historic Tour, this online site is expandable, and many more items will be added.  GoLivCoMo is an endorsed project for the Missouri Bicentennial.

For comments or questions, contact Kirsten Mouton at [email protected] or 660-646-0547.