Livingston County Health Department reports COVID-related death; 5 health departments report on new COVID cases

Coronavirus Update

The Livingston County Health Center reports a COVID-19-related death. The total number of deaths is 83.  Thirteen cases have been added since January 13th, bringing that total to 2,821. The number of active cases went down by 17 to 129.

Another COVID-19-related death has been added for Harrison County. The county’s COVID-19 dashboard shows that, as of January 13th, there were 30 deaths total. Nine cases were also added since January 12th, bringing that total to 1,786. Fifty-one cases were active. There had been 1,372 confirmed cases and 414 probable.

The Putnam County Health Department reports the rate of COVID-19 and influenza continues to rise. Thirty-six COVID-19 cases have been added since January 12th, raising the total to 897. There have been 81 cases so far in 2022 and 59 this week. The Putnam County Health Department notes that it is likely that for every case it investigates, there are one to two additional cases the office does not know about.

The Sullivan County Health Department confirms three additional COVID-19 cases since January 13th. There are 1,442 cases total, and 42 are active.

COVID-19 cases have increased by six in Mercer County since January 13th, bringing the total to 641. The health department reports 23 cases are active. There have been 299 confirmed cases and 342 probable cases.

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