Livingston County Health Center reports almost 4,000 receive COVID-19 vaccine

Close up hand holding COVID-19 vaccine

The Livingston County Health Center reports 3,876 Livingston County residents had received a COVID-19 vaccine as of noon March 30th. That includes 1,746 vaccinated by the health center and 2,130 by other sources, such as pharmacies, doctor’s offices, and long-term care facilities.

As more phases open, the health center expects the number of vaccinated Livingston County residents to rise.

The health center reports no new COVID-19 cases on March 30th. However, the total number was adjusted to add a case that was not tallied earlier in the month. The total is 1,436. Two cases are active, and those are community actives. There is one current COVID-19-related hospitalization and 51 deaths for Livingston County.