Livingston County election authorities are cleaning up voter registration records

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Livingston County Clerk and Election Authority are in the process of canvassing the voter registration records in Livingston County.

Federal and state laws mandate that the canvass be conducted every two years. Registered voters whose addresses are current on the voter registration records in the county clerk’s office should expect to receive a new voter registration card within the next few weeks. Registered voters, who have made an address change with the US Postal Service in the past two years, but have not updated their voter registration records, should have received an Address Confirmation Notice recently. The voter needs to complete the notice and return it to the County Clerk’s office in the courthouse.

Once these notices are received in the county clerk’s office, a new voter registration card will be issued. If the notice is not received, the voter’s eligibility to vote may be jeopardized if they are deemed an inactive voter. Federal and state laws require the county clerk to delete any voter who has maintained an inactive status through two federal election cycles. If the voter does not receive their 2022-2023 voter registration card by April 5, they may use the voter registration cards they have received in the past or other acceptable forms of ID such as their Missouri Drivers License.

If a registered voter has not shown an acceptable form of identification to qualified election personnel, such as a member of the county clerk’s staff or an election poll worker, and they have not moved, they will receive a letter stating that they are eligible to vote. They will not have a voter registration card therefore, they must present their identification to a poll worker at which time they wish to vote. Once they have shown their identification and voted, they will receive a voter registration card.

If a Livingston County resident fails to receive a voter registration card and they believe they should have, they may call the County Clerk’s office to discuss the situation. The first election in 2022 is the General Municipal Election which will be held Tuesday, April 5th, To be eligible to vote in this election, individuals were required to be registered to vote by March 9. Individuals who are unable to vote at the polls may contact Sherry Parks, County Clerk, to make arrangements to vote absentee.

Absentee ballots are available six weeks before each election. The county clerk’s office is located on the second floor of the courthouse and the telephone number is 660-646-8000 ext. 3.

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