Little Otter Creek Reservoir Project near Hamilton advances to next stage

Little Otter Creek Reservoir Project

Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) Acting State Conservationist, Grover DePriest, has signed a Record of Decision supporting the installation of a multi-purpose reservoir in Caldwell County.

This decision fulfills national requirements to assess the environmental impacts of this federal action. It was based on the development of a comprehensive Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement. The preferred alternative includes the construction of a 344-acre reservoir, avoiding environmental impacts to the extent possible while minimizing and mitigating unavoidable impacts.

Once required permits are obtained construction will begin on the Little Otter Creek reservoir. It will supply water, reduce flood damage and provide public recreation. Signing of the record of decision puts the project one step closer to completion.

The Reservoir will be located 2 miles southeast of Hamilton and is designed to provide one and a quarter (1.24) million gallons of water per day to nearly 10,000 people of Caldwell County.

Planning efforts began 20 years ago. As the lead federal agency, the NRCS has provided both financial and technical assistance to support the reservoir project.