Linn, Livingston and Grundy County report new cases of COVID-19

Coronavirus News Graphic

New COVID-19 cases have been reported in area counties.

The Linn County Health Department’s bi-weekly report indicates seven cases of COVID-19 have been added since Friday, August 7th. The county’s total number of positive cases is 62. Twelve are under isolation precautions, and 47 have been removed from isolation. There have been two antibody positive cases and one death related to COVID-19 in Linn County.

The Livingston County Health Center reports it received notification of two additional positive COVID-19 cases. That brings Livingston County’s total to 62. The new cases are isolating at home. Close contacts have been notified of their need to quarantine.

The Grundy County Health Department reports the county has a total of 29 COVID-19 cases. That is one more than was reported the morning of Monday, August 10th. Five of the cases are active.