Linn County Sheriff reports scam involving an individual impersonating Linn County deputy

Police Car

The Linn County Sheriff’s office says it’s received multiple reports of a scam involving a male impersonating a Linn County Sheriff’s deputy.

Residents have reported receiving a call from an individual identifying himself as a Linn County deputy, and telling the receivers they have an outstanding warrant for their arrest with a bond of $30,000 or more. The caller then instructs the potential victim to purchase a visa gift card, put money on the card, and provide the card number to the caller to satisfy the warrant.

A spokesman for the Linn County Sheriff’s Department said it’s a scam, and the sheriff’s office would not contact people by telephone advising they have an arrest warrant and will not accept a Visa gift card for the bond.

Individuals who have been contacted in that manner and have provided money to the caller are asked to contact the Sheriff’s Department at (660) 895-5312.

The sheriff’s department said anytime the public wants to confirm a person is a Linn County deputy, verification can be obtained by contacting the Linn County central dispatch on the non-emergency telephone line.