Linn and Caldwell counties report another COVID-related death; new cases of COVID-19 in Livingston County

Coronavirus Update

An additional COVID-19-related death has been reported for Linn County since July 6th. The health department noted the afternoon of July 13th there had been 42 deaths.

Eight cases had been added since July 9th, bringing the total to 1,705. Twenty-two cases were active. There were four COVID-19-related hospitalizations.

Linn County had a 33.2% fully vaccinated rate. That is 3,957 residents.

Another COVID-19-related death has been reported for Caldwell County since July 2nd. The health department noted July 13th there had been 19 deaths.

Fourteen cases had been added, making the total 1,032. Ten cases were active.

Caldwell County’s fully vaccinated rate was 26.7% or 2,407 residents.

The COVID-19 positivity rate from July 4th through 10th was 11.11% for PCR and 2.22% for antigen.

The Livingston County Health Center reported the afternoon of July 13th that six COVID-19 cases since July 12th. There had been 2,042 total confirmed cases. Thirty-three COVID-19 cases were active.

Three probable COVID-19 cases were added in Mercer County July 13th. The health department reported 181 total probable cases and 177 confirmed cases. Three cases were active. Nine COVID-19-related deaths had been reported.

State data as of July 12th indicated 22% of Mercer County residents had received at least one dose of vaccine.