Life Options Green Hills Pregnancy and Health Center offers a wide variety of free services

Life Options Green Hills Pregnancy + Health Center
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The Life Options Green Hills Pregnancy and Health Center opened its doors at 1433 Lulu Street in Trenton in July 2020. Executive Director Rachael Brothers reports the center saw its first client in the first hour it was open.

She believes it is wise to build a strong foundation when starting a nonprofit or business. She notes it is also wise to start slow, which she says the center did. Life Options has been growing since its opening.



Brothers says the center serves all of the Green Hills counties, and services are provided for free.

Some of the services include medical grade pregnancy tests. If a test is positive, Life Options can offer a first limited trimester ultrasound.



Brothers says the center can offer support to a woman through the baby’s first birthday.



Brothers explains parenting classes offered at Life Options are specialized to each family’s needs. The center has a library of education involving more than 100 topics.



The health center offered a prototype fatherhood program class last year for fathers to be. The program was 16 weeks long. Brothers notes there were 10 active participants.



Life Options Green Hills is accepting applications for fatherhood program manager. Brothers explains what the center is seeking for someone in that position.



The center plans to begin sexually transmitted infection testing and treatment this summer. Brothers says there will be a lot of benefits to the program.



Call the Life Options Green Hills Pregnancy and Health Center for more information at 660-358-1378. More information can also be found on center’s Facebook page and website.

The Life Options Green Hills Pregnancy and Health Center in Trenton is seeking volunteers. Executive Director Rachael Brothers says the center’s volunteer needs meet the needs of the volunteers.



Life Options is looking for a baby boutique coordinator. Brothers says the volunteer position would require one or two hours per week.

She explains 30 women are involved in the center’s education program. Each month they earn points and shop in the boutique. The center is seeking donations for the boutique.

Life Options has an online link through Amazon where people can purchase items and send them to the center.

The center also has a monthly newsletter through email that tells what is happening there.

Anyone who would like to volunteer, donate items, or sign up for the newsletter should contact the Life Options Pregnancy and Health Center at 660-358-1378. More information can also be found on the center’s Facebook page, on its website, or by coming to the center at 1433 Lulu Street in Trenton.

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