Liberty gas customers to see small monthly increase in billing

Liberty Natural Gas Website

Missouri Public Service Commission has approved an agreement reached by parties in a natural gas rate case filed by The Empire District Gas Company d/b/a Liberty (Liberty) that will increase annual natural gas revenues by approximately $1 million.

For the average residential customer, natural gas rates will increase by approximately $1.50 a month. Liberty Utilities has natural gas customers in the area counties of Grundy, Livingston, and Linn.

When Liberty filed its rate increase request on August 23, 2021, it sought to increase annual natural gas revenues by approximately $1.36 million. This is the first general natural gas rate increase for Liberty since April 2010.

This rate case generally reflected “non-gas” costs like operating and maintenance expenses in providing natural gas to customers in a safe and useful form. It also includes a return on investment in meters, mains, and service lines that deliver natural gas to your home or business.

Officials say the actual cost of the natural gas is not a part of this rate case. The wholesale cost of natural gas is unregulated. The Public Service Commission reviews the natural gas purchasing practices of Liberty to ensure prudent decisions are made in securing natural gas supplies for its customers.