Latest agricultural statistics show small change in moisture supplies

Corn in Beginning Stages of Drought
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The latest agriculture statistics show a small change in the moisture supplies for Grundy County.

According to figures provided by the Farm Service Agency office, topsoil moisture is 20 percent very short and 55 percent short with the balance 25 percent is adequate. Subsoil moisture is 15 percent very short, 40 percent short, and 45 percent adequate.

Trenton’s year to date moisture deficit has now topped 11 inches as of this morning. Our next possibility for rain is Thursday.

Area crop conditions continue to be similar to last weeks’ report. The majority of corn, 60 percent, is good and 35 percent is fair. Soybeans are 60 percent good and 30 percent fair. Smaller percentages are excellent for corn and beans.

The largest majorities of pasture are 40 percent poor and fair. Smaller numbers are either very poor or good. 65 percent of hay supplies are short to very short. Stock water supplies are 40 percent short to very short; 60 percent adequate.

This past week was the ninth consecutive week for temperatures across Missouri to be above average. The average temperature (combining the highs and lows) was 80 degrees – both at Trenton and across the state.

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