Large manure-to-energy project begins producing renewable natural gas

The first Renewable Natural Gas produced from the largest livestock manure-to-energy project of its kind will soon be delivering RNG into the national pipeline.

A special event will mark the completion of this significant portion of the $120 Million initiative involving Roeslein Alternative Energy and Smithfield Hog Production operations in Northern Missouri. The project’s focus is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, produce RNG, eliminate rainfall effects of treatment systems and generate additional jobs for the surrounding community.

  • WHAT: Roeslein Alternative Energy & Smithfield Hog Production – Ruckman Farm Project Completion Event
  • WHEN: August 24, 2016 (11:00 AM – 2:00 PM)
  • WHERE: Ruckman Farm, 2522 State Highway N, Albany MO 64402

Impermeable synthetic covers are now installed on 41 of the 88 existing manure lagoons at nine Smithfield farms in Northern Missouri, capturing methane from one of the largest concentrations of finishing hogs in the Midwest. The covers turn the lagoons into anaerobic digesters whereas an interim step the resulting biogas has been flared.

Phase II of the project involved installation of equipment to remove impurities from the biogas to create pipeline-quality RNG. As of July 1, RNG from the anaerobic digestion of hog manure has been injected into the national pipeline using an interconnect that has been installed at Ruckman Farm. Duke Energy in North Carolina has agreed to purchase a portion of the RNG to help meet clean energy requirements for power generation.

When the project is totally complete several hundred million cubic feet of RNG will be available for similar transmission each year.

Outlets interested in covering this event or learning more about this ambitious and innovate project should contact Sheldon Ripson at [email protected] or 636-751-5733.


Roeslein Alternative Energy Project with Smithfield Foods Hog Division, Missouri

Details of the $120 Million initiative involving Roeslein Alternative Energy and Smithfield Foods’ Hog Production division in Northern Missouri

  • RAE secured an agreement in 2013 with the Missouri operations of Smithfield Foods Hog Production Division (then known as Murphy Brown-Missouri) to develop, install, own and operate processing facilities to capture, purify and sell the biogas produced from the anaerobic conversion of manure generated from one of the largest hog feeding operations in North America.
  • Horizon One
    • Phase 1: In 2014 installation of impermeable covers and flare systems commenced on 88 manure lagoons situated at nine hog finishing farms.
      • Homan – 5652 State Hwy Z, King City MO 64463
      • Ruckman – 2522 State Hwy N, Albany MO 64402
      • Valley View – 22686 Ivan Drive, Greencastle MO 63544
      • South Meadows – 33417 Hwy U, Browning MO 64630
      • Green Hills – 59348 Justice Road, Unionville MO 63565
      • Hedgewood – Route 3, Princeton Mo 64673
      • Locust Ridge – 44104 Hwy E, Harris MO 64645
      • Somerset – 11337 Buck Avenue, Powersville MO 64672
      • Whitetail – 14392 Hwy 129, Unionville MO 63565
    • 2014 Status: Completed cover and flare construction at Valley View (14) and South Meadows (7)
      • 2015 Status: Completed cover and flare construction at Locust Ridge (6) and Ruckman (4 of 7)
      • 2016 Status: Completed construction of covers at Ruckman Farm.
      • 2017-2019: Projected completion at remaining farms
    • Phase 2: Captured biogas will be purified into Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) and injected into the natural gas pipeline grid system
      • Fall 2015: Equipment fabrication and installation underway to clean biogas
      • Summer 2016: Commence RNG injection into ANR pipeline at Ruckman Farm.
      • Fall 2016: Commerce RNG production at Locust Ridge Farm, from 4 of 8 lagoons, deliver gas to Ruckman Farm for pipeline injection.
      • 2017-2019:  Complete construction of biogas cleaning and RNG production at remaining farms.
  • Horizon Two
    • Supplement the hog manure feedstock with biomass harvested from restored prairie grasslands to produce additional RNG

Economic impact

  • The project is providing $120 million in new work for Missouri supply chain, manufacturing, and construction companies and employees
  • The project will permit the Somerset finishing farm to return to operation
  • Smithfield Foods has committed $40 million to the swine operation in Northern Missouri
  • Smithfield’s Missouri hog production operations currently deliver $1 billion in economic activity

Renewable energy production

  • When completed, the hog manure from the project will produce approximately 2.2 billion cubic feet of pipeline quality RNG or the equivalent of 17 million gallons of diesel fuel annually (17 million DGE).
    • RNG production will double under Horizon Two which involves the addition of prairie grass biomass to supplement the hog manure feedstock

Environmental benefits

  • When completed, the 88 impermeable covers will prevent approximately 400 million gallons of rainfall water from entering lagoons.
    • This water safely returns to the groundwater supply and does not require costly treatment by the Smithfield AND system
  • Approximately 850,000 tons of CO2 equivalent methane will be prevented from reaching the atmosphere.
    • The project reduces or removes greenhouse gasses as defined in the California Carbon Offset credits program
  • Odor related to hog manure, which previously was retained in open lagoons, is reduced

About Roeslein Alternative Energy, LLC

Roeslein Alternative Energy (RAE) is the owner, operator, and developer of renewable energy productions facilities that convert agricultural and industrial wastes, along with renewable biomass feedstocks to renewable natural gas and sustainable co-products. RAE engages in these business operations with a focus on incorporating native prairie restoration. RAE is a limited liability corporation with its principal offices located in St. Louis, Missouri. RAE was launched in 2012 by Rudi Roeslein, co-founder and CEO of St. Louis-based Roeslein and Associates (a global leader in engineering, modular fabrication, and construction of industrial plant facilities.