Laredo Board of Education vote to make teachers “essential” and end COVID leave, approve tutoring up to 40 hours

Laredo R-7 School

The Laredo R-7 Board of Education on Monday, September 13, 2021, voted to make teachers essential and end COVID leave. Secretary Robin Griswold says teachers will still be able to come to school if they are considered close contacts, but they will have to wear masks.

The board approved the first and second-grade teachers tutoring up to 40 hours and fifth through eighth-grade boys and girls will be able to play junior high basketball.

Administrator Misty Foster was named the district program coordinator for Wellness, Foster Care, English Language Learners, Migrant, Homeless, and Title 9. Shelby Glidewell was hired as an office aid.

The board adopted the Code of Ethics Conflict of Interest Ordinance and an advertisement will be run for snow removal bids.

Laredo kindergarten through eighth grade will take a Fun Farm Pumpkin Patch field trip on Wednesday, September 22.

The board went into an executive session for legal, personnel, student information, personnel records, and confidential records.