Laredo Board of Education extends principals contract; school calendar adopted for next year

Laredo R-7 School

Laredo R-7’s Board of Education has voted to extend the contract by two years for the school principal, putting Misty Foster on a four-year contract.

Next years’ school calendar has been adopted with classes at Laredo beginning August 24th.

The board held a discussion on co-oping with Pleasant View R-6 school for the seventh and eighth-grade track. A discussion also was held on health insurance for next year; building improvements, and lawn mowing bids.

There will not be an election in April for the Laredo school board. That’s because only two candidates filed for open positions. Incumbent Matt Foster along with Morgan Duff will assume their three-year terms with the April board meeting.

Among announcements, the deadline for Laredo students to apply for the Murphy Scholarship is March 15th. Title One reading night at the Laredo school is March 30th.