Laredo Board of Aldermen meet, approve agreement to improve waste water system

The Laredo Board of Aldermen has approved an agreement for McClure Engineering to provide services for waste water system improvements.  According to City Clerk Ashley Boren, the cost has not been finalized.  The engineering firm (McClure) will make recommendations on what should be done.  The city will be seeking grant money through the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) to pay for the engineering study.  Up to $30,000 can be sought.  Laredo has already applied for a Department of Natural Resources (DNR) grant of $50,000.  It is only possible to obtain one, and not both, of those funding sources.

The Laredo Board has approved a budget that indicates fiscal year expenses surpassing revenue by nearly $4,400.  Expenses are estimated at nearly $181,000, not including expenses of the sewer project.  The Laredo City Clerk’s compensation has been raised a $12.68 an hour.



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