Laredo Board of Aldermen approve 2024 budget

Laredo Missouri News Graphic
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The Laredo Board of Aldermen approved the 2024 budget on February 12. City Clerk Mercedes Scobee reports that projected revenues total $165,807, with total expenditures projected at $143,272.

The board also reviewed the actuals for 2023.

Scobee received concurrence of bids from McClure, the United States Department of Agriculture, and the Community Development Block Grant for the SIMCO base bid and alternates 1 and 2. The board voted to concur with the SIMCO bid.

SIMCO’s bid was for $761,977 for the base bid and the two alternates, marking it as the lowest bid.

Ross Construction submitted a bid of $896,800 for the base and two alternates.

The base bid covers work at the lagoon, while the two alternates involve replacing the wood and repainting at the lagoon.

The board approved an amendment to an environmental report, adding $5,000 for the report.

The city clerk’s three-month evaluation was conducted, resulting in her pay being increased by $1 per hour to $14 per hour.

Maintenance Employee Adam Cooksey inquired about continuing to search for a cabbed heated tractor for the next winter. The board consented for him to proceed with the price investigation.

Cooksey reported that gravel road work was completed on Railroad Street.

Mayor Carol Holloway disclosed that she received four complaints about trash pickup. Scobee will continue to monitor missed trash pickups.

A preliminary bond closing is tentatively scheduled for March 11 for a sewer project.

A public meeting will be organized to discuss raising the sewer rates. The date for the meeting has not been set yet. Notices will be posted at the Laredo Post Office and City Hall, with an announcement also appearing on the City of Laredo Facebook page.

Laredo will conduct a non-contest election on April 2. An election notice to candidates was reviewed, and a newspaper notice will be published the week before the municipal election, listing the names of the candidates.

Holloway is set to return for another two-year term as mayor. Bruce McFie will also return for another two-year term as a board member. John Limkemann has filed as a board candidate, while Helen Golden will depart from the board in April.

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