Laredo aldermen studying drinking water rates

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Information from a drinking water rate study has been presented to the Laredo Board of Aldermen.  City Clerk Ashley Boren said there was some discussion on restructing the city’s current waterrate, but a decision was tabled until the next meeting.  Customers are encouraged to attend that meeting to ask questions and express any concerns before a decision is made.  That meeting will be Thursday, May 5th at 5:30.  The drinking rate study was performed by Midwest Assistance Program.

Clerk Ashley Boren has been certified as a notary and will offer that service during normal office hours at Laredo City Hall for $2.00 per signed document.

Newly elected officials received the Oath of Office during the Laredo Board of Aldermen meeting.  They are Mayor Carol Holloway, and Board members Bruce McFie and Helen Golden.  The terms are two years each.