Laclede man charged with first-degree felony assault

Assault News Graphic

A Laclede man accused of attempting to cause serious physical injury to someone by choking and hitting the person at a residence on Linn County Route FF on December 27th has been charged.

Twenty-one-year-old Ryan Scott Schneider faces a first-degree felony assault charge.

A probable cause statement from Stacy Walton with the Linn County Sheriff’s Office reports the officer observed a cut with bruising and bleeding under a male subject’s left eye near his cheekbone with swelling, a knot on his right forehead with a laceration and bleeding, a laceration on his left ear that was bleeding, and a laceration on the left side of his face near his jawbone. The officer also observed Schneider’s knuckles on both hands to be red and purple and blood on a doorknob.

Walton says the male advised that Schneider beat him in the face and could not remember anything after Schneider started choking him.  A female witness is said to have told the officer she was trying to put the male back to bed after he had awakened and was stumbling around when Schneider returned home from the bar. Schneider allegedly took the male into a bedroom, slammed him down, and started choking him.

The male sought treatment at Pershing Memorial Hospital of Brookfield. Schneider was arrested, fingerprinted and photographed at the Brookfield Police Department, and transported to the Macon County Jail.