Kingston man faces five counts of assault after hitting four-wheelers participating in benefit ride

Charges Filed

A Kingston man faces five counts of felony first degree assault or attempt after allegedly hitting four wheelers participating in a benefit ride in May and hitting a family member with a wooden handle.

Online court information shows 38 year old James Paul McKinzie Junior has also been charged with two counts of felony first degree property damage and one count of misdemeanor possession of marijuana or synthetic cannabinoid of 10 grams or less.

A probable cause affidavit accuses McKinzie of driving a pickup truck that hit a four wheeler 26 year old Drayven Sumpter of Polo and 28 year old Dillon Hufford of Polo were riding, disabling the four wheeler. McKinzie then allegedly hit the four wheeler Dakota McGinley of Kidder was driving with 28 year old Cody Blakley of Polo as a passenger. This happened on Elm Street in Polo. It is noted McKinzie and McGinley are family and do not have a good relationship.

McGinley and McKinzie stopped, and the probable cause affidavit says McKinzie grabbed a wooden handle from the bed of his truck before striking McGinley in his torso, breaking the handle with the second swing. McGinley and Blakley reportedly tackled McKinzie into a ditch and hit him in the face and body. McKinzie was later taken to the Liberty Hospital for a medical evaluation.

Damage to Sumpter’s four wheeler was estimated at $2,671.01, and McGinley’s at $1,658.44.

The probable cause affidavit notes McKinzie was found to be in possession of a green leafy substance contained in a wooden box. The substance tested presumptive positive for marijuana.

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