Junior Hockey League Player Cuffed on the Ice After Fight with Referee

(CNN) – Hockey fighting culture may have finally infiltrated the officials.

For the second time since November, an on-ice zebra was caught up in a physical altercation with a junior league player—this time, 21-year-old Sherbrooke Hockey-Experts athlete Olivier Marcotte.

In a dramatic sequence of events, which, according to CBC.ca, began when Marcotte spat in the linesman’s face, the pair became entangled, and the young player appeared to throw a punch before being wrestled to the ice.

Fellow officials immediately intervened, sitting on Marcotte until local police, met with a number of cheers, promptly cuffed him, face to the ice and all.

Although he was taken into custody, Marcotte was released later the same night, and per CBC.ca, he will likely not face any charges.

As for how the referee in question spent the rest of his evening, he may very well have attended a certain kind of club (but due to its rules, he won’t be at liberty to discuss it).