July finds precipitation above normal, high temperatures below normal

Weather graphic

The July weather summary in Trenton shows precipitation was above normal by an inch and forty-two one-hundredths. Low temperatures averaged above normal by two degrees, however, high temperatures averaged below normal by slightly over one degree.

July normally is the warmest month of the year in Trenton with highs averaging nearly 89 degrees and lows averaging slightly over 67. This year, highs averaged 87.7 degrees which is one point two degrees below normal. Although highs reached the 90s on 13 dates in July, most of them were the low 90s, not far from average. The hottest temperature was 94 on July 8, which was only five degrees above normal for that date.

Lows averaged 69.2 degrees in Trenton in July, two degrees above average. Lows dropped into the 60s on 18 dates and were in the 70s on the other 13 dates. The warmest low was 78 on July 19th. The coolest temperature last month was 62 on July 28th.

The five and two-thirds inches of rain in July in Trenton was an inch and forty-two one-hundredths above average. There was precipitation on 12 dates in July. The longest period without moisture in Trenton was nine days from July 6th through 14th.

Precipitation was above normal in five of the first seven months of the year in Trenton, although the yearly surplus was just two inches and twenty one-hundredths entering August. The above-normal rainfall in July followed a dry June when just 2.17 inches was measured in Trenton, less than half of normal for June, which is 4.53 inches. February also was considerably below normal on precipitation with just four-tenths of rain and melted snow. There were no moisture nor temperature records set in July in Trenton.

The national weather service’s climate prediction center had mixed results on its outlook for July in our area. Entering July, it predicted above normal temperatures for the month. It also said there was a slightly better than equal chance for below-normal precipitation in western Missouri but equal chances for above, below, or near-normal rainfall in the rest of the state in July.

The outlook, entering August, was for below normal temperatures this month in our area. Far northern Missouri is forecast to have a slightly better than equal chance for above-normal precipitation this month, however, most of the state was given equal chances for above, below, or near-normal rainfall in August.