Judge hands down prison sentences and probation in Division One of Grundy County court

Crime and Courts

Several cases were processed yesterday in division one of Grundy County circuit court some involving prison sentences while others received probation.

Alfred Demond Green of Trenton pleaded guilty to charges of leaving the scene of an accident involving property damage as well as damage done to jail property. Green was sentenced to three years in the department of corrections for each count. Terms run concurrently and Green is to pay restitution of $4,828 dollars. Green also pleaded guilty to driving while intoxicated and has served ten days in jail.

Nicole Lynn Webster saw her probation revoked on an original charge of possession of a controlled substance. She was sentenced to four years with the department of corrections with the court requesting placement in institutional treatment.

Michael Lee Puckett of Trenton pleaded guilty to driving while intoxicated persistent offender and was sentenced to four years with the department of corrections. Execution of the sentence was suspended and Puckett received five years probation. Puckett is to pay $300 to the law enforcement fund and $78.00 in recoupment fees.

Independence resident Dakota Wayne Dalton was placed on probation after he received prison terms of four years each on three counts of burglary and one count of stealing a firearm. Execution of sentence was suspended and Dalton was placed on five years probation, concurrently, with probation issued in 2014 on a criminal case.

Cindy Joan Gearin of Trenton submitted an Alford plea on a charge of altering lottery tickets. Imposition of sentence was suspended in favor of five years probation. Gearin was ordered to pay $395 restitution and donate $300 dollars to the law enforcement restitution fund.

Gary Allen Colston of rural Trenton pleaded guilty to a drug possession charge and was placed on five years probation along with being ordered to donate $300 to the law enforcement restitution fund.

At a probation violation hearings Thursday, Ricky Eugene Shoemaker of Trenton admitted to violations of probation on original charges of distribution or delivery and possession of controlled substances. Disposition was continued until October 11th in Grundy County circuit court as Ricky Shoemaker is facing other criminal charges that were passed to next months’ docket.

Rural Trenton resident Tyler Dillon King saw his probation continue with added conditions that include successful completion of court-ordered detention sanctions. His original charge was assault in the second degree.

Timothy Persell of Trenton saw additional conditions for his probation on original charges of distributing or delivering marijuana. Persell also was ordered to successfully complete court-ordered detention sanctions.

Admitting to probation violations but having their probations continue with more conditions were Kelsi Anne McDaniels of Newton, Iowa; Jerry Dean Reeder of Trenton and Robert John Shoemaker also of Trenton.