Joint law enforcement effort leads to arrest after high-speed chase in Buchanan and Andrew Counties

High Speed Pursuit

Tuesday morning, November 14, at approximately 8:00 a.m., the Andrew County Sheriff’s Office collaborated with the St. Joseph Police Department and the Missouri State Highway Patrol to apprehend a suspect in the 16000 block of Business Highway 71.

The individual, now in custody, was found in possession of a stolen vehicle and had previously evaded the Missouri State Highway Patrol. During the initial pursuit by the St. Joseph Police Department, the suspect attempted to flee, resulting in a collision with a police vehicle. The chase continued until the suspect, nearing a local school in St. Joseph, attempted to hijack another vehicle from a citizen.

Eventually, the St. Joseph Police Department, in a joint effort with the Andrew County Sheriff’s Office, located the suspect in Andrew County. An officer from the Sheriff’s Office employed the precision immobilization technique to halt the suspect’s vehicle. Although the first attempt was unsuccessful, a subsequent application of the technique effectively ended the chase, leading to the suspect’s arrest.

The decision to use the precision immobilization technique was influenced by various factors, notably the safety of the general public. Given the high velocity of the fleeing vehicle, the volume of traffic during work and school commute hours, and the approach to the Savannah city limits, terminating the pursuit swiftly was deemed imperative.

The successful apprehension of the suspect without any injuries or property damage to civilians is attributed to the outstanding teamwork and communication among all involved law enforcement agencies.

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