Join the community effort with Serve Mercer County on April 20, 2024

Serve Mercer County
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Serve Mercer County is an organization that focuses on service projects within the Mercer County area, prioritizing assistance for senior citizens and individuals who are physically unable to perform the work themselves.

The organization’s next workday is scheduled for April 20th. Volunteers are expected to gather at the senior center in Princeton at 8:30 a.m. for a time of fellowship and breakfast before embarking on various projects. Princeton Methodist Church Pastor Mike Tipton has announced that lunch will be provided at the senior center or will be delivered to volunteers who are working on larger projects.



The scope of the projects varies significantly; some may take only an hour to complete, while others could require a full day’s commitment. The projects range from yard cleanup to minor construction tasks.



Pastor Tipton mentioned that the materials for the work are typically provided by the beneficiaries of the service. However, financial assistance is available for those who cannot afford to purchase the necessary materials. Projects extend beyond Princeton and Mercer to encompass additional areas as needed.



Cool highlighted that there are projects suitable for participation by anyone interested.



The organization has made online registration forms available, allowing volunteers to select the service areas they feel best align with their skills and abilities.

Serve Mercer County possesses some tools, but volunteers are encouraged to bring their own, especially for tasks involving light construction work.

As of April 1st, approximately 50 volunteers and about 25 projects had been registered for the April 20th event. It is not uncommon for community members to join a workday spontaneously. According to Cool, past events have seen participation by more than 100 volunteers.

Pastor Tipton also noted that children as young as two or three years old, accompanied by their families, have contributed to workdays by painting or collecting sticks. Families comprising six to eight members have participated as well.



Volunteer and project registration forms for the April 20th workday are available on the Serve Mercer County website.  Community members can also register by calling the Princeton Methodist Church at 660-748-4486.

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