Jewitt rug latest display at Grundy County Museum

Grundy County Museum

A donation by Nancy Finke, Arrow Rock MO, returned a locally made woven room-size rag rug to Grundy County.

The room-size rug was woven by Ada Jewitt in Galt and was in use by the Galt Jackson family for many years. A common 20th-century practice was to save old garments, tear them into strips and have them woven into rugs. Small “throw rugs” were very common and room-size rugs were made by sewing together long strips of woven rag rugs. The rug on display is made of 4 strips and measures about 12×15’.

Also on display at the museum is a loom used to weave rag rugs.

The Jewitt rug is now on display at the museum as part of this year’s featured exhibit, Grundy County Artists, and Art. The exhibit includes over 250 paintings, drawings, and sculptures.

The museum is open 2:00p to 5:00p weekends and holidays. Admission is free to children 12 and under and $2.00 to adults.

Randall Mann

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