Jamesport City Council sets tax rate; accepts salary ordinance

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The Jamesport City Council set the tax rate prior to the regular meeting on Monday, August 9, 2021. The rate was set at $.927 per $100 of assessed valuation, which breaks down to $.7495 for the general fund and $.1775 for the park fund.

During the regular meeting, the council accepted a salary ordinance. City Clerk Shelley Page reports pay rates were voted on at previous meetings, and they were updated in the ordinance. City Superintendent Trent Brewer’s pay is $20 per hour, and Page’s pay is $14.50 per hour. They are both full-time employees. Bob Walker will help with mowing up to 20 hours per week, and his pay is $12 per hour.

Josh Prescott spoke to the council about his property, which the city considers a nuisance. He advised he was still negotiating with the insurance company, and he needed the building to remain in place until the settlement could be made.

The council voted to proceed with demolition of Prescott’s property, with Council Member Geoff Eads abstaining.

Mayor Dana Urton opened the only bid received for the demolition of the nuisance building. Perkins Dozing’s bid of $7,500 was accepted.

Farmhouse Collection Owner Mike Bohannan discussed property renovation and the need to relocate utilities. Eads told Bohannan he would need to contact Evergy, Summit Natural Gas, and Brewer on the relocation of utilities.

Resident Judy Baker talked about dogs running loose around Jamesport. She also said there are some properties in the city she feels need to be cleaned up and mowed.

Albert Noppers with Globe Life spoke to the council about the supplemental insurance his company sells.

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