Jamesport City Council sets property tax levy

Jamesport Missouri

The Jamesport City Council has approved a property tax levy of slightly over 77 cents on the 100 dollars of assessed valuation.

The rate is down nearly nine cents compared to last year.

Assessed valuation at Jamesport is nearly four point nine million dollars, and up nearly 734-thousand dollars compared to a year ago.

The council approved an ordinance adopting new sewer rates. The amount was announced last month, but an ordinance had to be passed to finalize the rates. They call for a base fee of ten dollars on the first one thousand gallons of water and three dollars 65 cents for each additional one-thousand gallons of water.

The new charges are to help pay for future upgrades to the waste water system that are expected to be required by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources.

Another letter is to be sent to a Jamesport property owner who resides out of the area attempting to get the owner to address mosquito concerns from a pond.